Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pre-camp (23 May, Monday)

The project I am doing is on the Steam engine of a pop-pop boat. After researching and reading up about the various aspects of this project, I was particularly interested and taken in about how the steam engine was quite elaborate and worked quite uniquely. I also took an interest in the relationship between the Pop-pop boat and the steam engine, as I did not know previously that a steam engine could be so simple and fitted into a small toy boat. Looking at what I have learnt online and from the project manual, I feel that through this project, I would be able to understand better how to use and the usages of a steam-powered engine. This project, I believe, would also allow me to have a better understanding of the mechanics of a steam engine and how it can be used and improved as well as applications of it, widening my knowledge.

Some questions I have in mind now:
  1. How is a steam engine built for a Pop-pop boat?
  2. How is steam so powerful as to be able to propel a physical item?
  3. Are there other ways to power up a steam engine other than using a flame?
  4. Are steam engines environmentally-friendly?
  5. Why are steam engines used less and less in today's society?

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